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Redfield Group has some form of partnership on nearly 50% of the properties we offer at auction.  Our partnership program allows agents to add an additional service to their clients and creates a new and lucrative revenue stream.  Whether you have a listing or just simply know the details of a potential auction property, Redfield can help you turn that stale listing or potential lead into earned income.  In most cases, you will earn more partnering with Redfield Group for an auction that you would if someone else sold your listing.

We have many agents that have partnered on 4 or 5 different auction deals and some have earned 6 figure fees on a single transaction.  In addition to earning very lucrative fees, our partner agents receive all of the buyer leads after the auction as well.

Set yourself apart in your market and partner with an established and proven industry leader.  We look forward to explaining the program and discussing your needs in more detail.

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