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Redfield Group Auctions has helped clients sell real estate and personal property in over 40 states and internationally. Our program centers around a very aggressive and comprehensive marketing campaign that is highly targeted to the right potential buyers.

We bring liquidity to real estate.
Stop wasting time and money and turn your assets to cash in your time frame. Has your home been on the market for an extended period of time? Maybe you have a large land tract with few local buyers interested. Condo development lost its sales velocity? You have been left a sizeable real estate asset in an estate. These are examples of why an auction might be right for you. Stop the lost opportunity costs, taxes, insurance, maintenance and sometimes even depreciation. Decide the date of sale and the terms and we can handle the rest.

Business closings handled quickly and efficiently.
If you are closing a business, we can handle the sale of all assets in timely manner while also exposing the assets to a very broad market.  Redfield has handled assets such as retail store closings, manufacturing facilities, metal working operations, hardware stores, sporting goods stores, heavy equipment operations and many others.  We have handled assets for both owners and lenders.  Before you start selling assets to a small market, contact us for a free no cost or obligation consultation to determine the best process to achieve the greatest ROI.

Estate assets management handled from start to finish.
Our award winning team of auctioneers and support staff have handled estates from simple and small to complex estates with many heirs and assets spread across multiple states that included real estate, equipment, processing plants, marketable leases and other sellable goods.  We have also handled major sport collections, antiques, firearms collections, jewelry and other valuable assets for many estates.

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Mississippi Hunting Ranch

This 1,600 acre ranch located in central Mississippi was developed as a high game fenced hunting and cattle operation.  


Owner had successfully married the hunting with high intensity grazing of cattle which was a new age concept but tried unsuccessfully to find a buyer that shared his dream and passion.


We were partnering with a local real estate agent on this deal and developed an aggressive marketing plan targeting ranchers and hunters in MS and also nationally with an emphasis on the Southeast.


Since the entire property was high game fenced, the property couldn’t be split into tracts.  We were looking for and targeting buyers that could spend millions of dollars on a single recreational property.  Simply put, we were looking for 3-6 people that would participate in the auction.


The end result was 5 registered bidders with one being from MS and the others from out of state.  The property sold to an out of state buyer for nearly $4,000,000.


Metal Fabrication Facility

Owner had decided to retire and had sold their current contracts to another operation.  They were looking for a way to sell all of the manufacturing equipment to a national and international market.


Difficulty in finding a single buyer for the assets and that would also result in a much lower price.  Seller lacked the time and knowledge to try and sell every piece on their own.


Custom designed marketing combined with an international online bidding platform was used to conduct a live auction that was also simulcast to bidders worldwide.  Rigging and loading of assets was pre-determined so that buyers could bid comfortably and know the cost ahead of time.


The assets had a national and international audience so we developed a marketing campaign to reach these target audiences.


Over 300 registered bidders both in person and online competed for more than 500 lots.  Assets were shipped from coast to coast with several international bidders resulting in $500,000 in sales and a very satisfied seller.


Estate downsizing

Large southern home with a substantial collection of antiques, crystal, sterling silver and jade.


Our client’s husband had passed several years before and she was burdened with maintaining the property.  Her desire was to move to a smaller home but needed both real estate and personal assets sold.


We developed a live auction format that was also simulcast online to an international market.  A small jade cup was brokered by us to another auction company on the west coast that specialized in those type assets.


The real estate was located in a small town with bad economics, so the target market was more of a regional and local target audience.  The antiques and collectibles had much broader market including international buyers.


Over 300 registered bidders from 13 countries participated in the live simulcast event.  The brokered jade cup alone brought over $10,000 and the balance of the personal property brought nearly $100,000 in the single day sale.  The real estate was also sold at the same event.